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Clay properties


When looking at the properties of clay described below, we realize that clay contains the secret for eternal life and youth!

  • Detoxifies: Thanks to its properties of ABsorption and ADsorption (see How Does Clay Work?), it neutralizes toxins, germs, impurities, chemicals, dead cells, etc and carry them out of the body.

  • Desinfects: clay neutralizes pathogenic microbes, germs, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc and take them out of the body and skin. It doesn't unbalance friendly germs indispensable for our health.

  • Remineralizes and rejuvenates tissues: (Anti-aging properties) Exceptionally rich in bio-available essential minerals, trace elements and negative ions, clay replenishes and regenerates damaged, aging and injured tissues of the skin and the body (muscle, bone, joint, ligament, skin, liver, colon, etc). Clay is known for naturally stimulating collagen production.
  • Anti-inflammatory, decongestant & sedative action: Great pain reliever! It sooths and neutralizes pain, especially for joint, muscle, back, headache, insect bites, itching, sunburns, etc.
  • Rebalances tissues' and organs' natural functionning: Depending on the body's or tissues' excess or default functionning, clay will stimulate or calm down the function. It will rebalance the function to a healthy normal functionning.

  • Neutralizes excess of acidity and rebalances the natural pH of different liquids, tissues and skin in the body.
  • Increases cell's oxygenation: Thanks to its free electrons and its capacity of exchanging ions. This property is a major factor to understand the regenerative properties of clay. As oxygen is the major substance in the detoxifying and alcalizing process, it makes clay an interesting remedy to add to any anti-aging and healing treatment including cancer therapy. It has been proven that cancer cells cannot develop and survive in an alkalin and oxygenated environment. More oxygenated, the body can function optimally.
  • Stimulates STEM CELL production (as well as any other cell production): The first living cell on Earth appeared in a mixture made of water and clay. Without clay, life would not have been possible. Clay appears to be at the origin of Life on Earth which explains its capacity of stimulating stem cells production, which results in an increase of production of any other cells in the body such as, but not limited to, blood cells, bone cells and any tissues in the body (muscle, joints, liver, etc). This property explains the rejuvenation and anti-aging characteristics of clay.
  • Brings vital energy: Only unprocessed living clay is loaded with negative ions, a vital energy-form from Mother Nature. Highly beneficial element in our moderm civilizations where our vital energy is neutralized by our electrical and electronical devices, pollution, synthetic clothes, lack of natural sunlight, outside air, etc. Completely depleted from vital elements, people experience constant tiredness, extreme fatigue, low energy level, slow regeneration and rejuvenative process, slow healing, etc. A regular use of living clay is an excellent alternative to refill our batteries.
  • Neutralizes radioactivity in the body - excellent after a radiotherapy or irradiation from power reactor!

All clays have the same basic properties that vary in intensity depending on their molecular structure, mineral content and quality. << back to top

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