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Green illite clay



Green Clay (Illite):

Origins: Auvergne, France

Quality: Ultra-ventilated. 100% pure, living and active from noble soil layers. 100% free of quartz, sand and debris (ultra-ventilated only). Edible. Not ionized irridiated or washed. Gentle processing method. Tested by independent laboratories. In compliance with the European Pharmacopea Safety Standards in heavy metals content. No animal tests.

Mesh: 20 microns and less

Mineral composition:

Silica (45%), Aluminium, Iron, Calcium, Potassium, Magnesium, Phosphorus + trace elements (titanium, sodium (0.18%), chromium, lithium, lead, cadnium, arsenicum, nickel, strontium, copper, selenium, cobalt, manganese, molybden, silver, bore)

Color: Light green tone when dry, its rich green color is revealed when hydrated. This green illite clay comes from rich volcanic soils.

Very popular in France, this clay is famous for its powerful healing action.

pH: between 7 and 8

Skin type: From normal to oily skin and scalp. Deep detoxification and purification properties.

Therapeutic & beauty applications: Facial, hair mask, body wrap, balneotherapy, clay bath,

Internal use: Yes, edible.

Other applications: pet care, pet dry shampoo, cat litter, fish, horses, plants & trees...

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