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Montmorillonite clay



Original Montmorillonite (bentonite family)

Origins: Montmorillon, France

Quality: ultra-ventilated; 100% pure, raw and active from noble soil layers; 100% free of quartz, sand and debris; edible; Not ionized, irradiated or washed; Gentle processing method. Tested by independent laboratories. In compliance with the European Pharmacopea Safety Standards in heavy metals content. No animal tests.

Mesh: 40 micron

Mineral composition: Silica (51%), Aluminium, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium + trace elements (manganese, titanium, mercury, cadnium, arsenic, lead, fluor, sodium (0.69%)).

Color: Light yellow tone

pH: between 7 and 8.2

Skin type: For all types of skin. Rich in silicium, it tones and brings elasticity to de-mineralized and atone skins. Great to strenghten hair and nails.

External applications: Facial, hair & scalp masks, body packs, balneotherapy, clay bath. Great for anti-aging treatments.

Internal use: safe to drink or eat.

Other applications: pet care, dry pet shampoo, cat litter, fish, horses, plant & trees, grease stain remover...

The name Montmorillonite comes from Montmorillon, name of the French village where this clay was first discovered. Exceptionally rich in essential minerals and trace elements, the original montmorillonite became famous thanks to the spa (balneotherapy)and thermal (healing spring water) industries. Numerous research studies have shown the exceptional therapeutic properties of the montmorillonite clay, especially in rejunevating damaged tissues. Its high content in silica stimulates the production of chains of protein and collagen, which explains its wide use for anti-aging treatments.

Other properties: Montmorillonite clay is also known to be an amazing GREASE STAIN REMOVER: Powder clothes/fabrics/rugs/carpet with montmorillonite clay. Leave it on 30-60 minutes. brush it off or vaccum. For very incrusted stains, repeat the operation as often as needed. It does NOT fade colors.

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