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6 colors of clay: which one to use ?


We offer 4 natural colors of clay. The specific color of a clay comes from its unique mineral composition. The specific mineral composition will give a specific action to the clay. Depending on your skin type, your symptons and the reaction of the body (one type of clay will work better than another). For therapeutic action and internal use, the French green illite and montmorillonite clays are the most popular in France. Both clays have been extensively researched by numerous medical and research institutions, and showed scientifically proven therapeutic results.

We will give you some general directions to help you to choose the most appropriate color, but remember that results can vary. Only you and your personal experience with clay can determine which clay works best for you. Some people, for any reasons, will experience better results with one type of clay than another. Nature has its reasons that the mind cannot always understand! << back to top

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