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Red clay


Red Clay (Montmorillonite)

Origin: France

Quality: Surfine, 100% pure, living and active from noble soil layers. May contains some particles of quartz and sand. Not ionized, irradiated or washed. Traditional processing method. Tested by independent laboratories. In compliance with the European Pharmacopea Safety Standards in heavy metals content. No animal tests.

Mesh: 70 microns and less.

pH: n/a

Mineral composition: Silicium (63%), Potassium, Iron, Phosphorus (trace), Magnesium (trace), Calcium (trace)

Skin type: From normal to dry, sensitive and fragile skin, hair and scalp.

Actions: Naturally very rich in silicium and other essential trace elements, this clay has a high rejuvenative action. It will restore and rebalance any skins that are subjected to daily stress and pollution, giving it a natural peachy glow. Your skin will soon recover its natural radiance. This clay is great for colored skins (from light to dark).

- Blood circulation and warming properties: It stimulates blood circulation in general: it detoxifies the blood from toxins and strengthens the blood vessels. Excellent for people with circulatory problems on the face and body. Beneficial for people feeling cold (hands & feet) and with lack of energy. Commonly used in Middle-eastern hammans for its relaxing and exfoliating properties.

Applications: Facials, hair masks, body wrap, balneotherapy, clay bath. Usually not recommended for internal use although some people do use it.

Caution! This clay tends to leave some pigments on the surface of some skin types after a facial or body mask. The redness that appears is NOT a skin reaction but a concentration of red pigments from the clay on the surface of the skin. We recommend that you do it in the evening before bedtime so that the pigments will be absorbed by the skin during the night.

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